Easiest way to make lots of money online – ranking videos in youtube and google and promote affiliate offers


The word “how to make money online” is not so new and well-known for us; millions of people all over the world have opened their fortunate projects on the Internet and are able to get payment just staying at home. Ranking videos in YouTube and Google is a kind of upcoming trend because it’s easy and if in your video you promote the right affiliate offers, you can easily make around $300 per month from each of your videos.

How does making money online by ranking youtube videos work?

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From the one side, it is similar to ranking websites, as it also requires an advertisement and content writing practice, but on the other hand, we can see an obvious difference: ranking videos requires a video shooting and processing. By the way, it was proved that most of the people are more interested in watching videos than in reading articles, especially when it comes to information how to solve this or that problem, how to create something.

Video is a really powerful tool, if you want to make money online. However, no one will watch it, if it is not well-optimized. You will not even rank YouTube videos, if they are optimized not correctly. You might think that this is a long and tiresome process, but it’s not so if you find the right information and follow the right road.

how to rank youtube videosFirst of all, if you seriously want to make videos that solve a problem and promote an affiliate offer, find with the help of google planner what people are looking for, what questions they have and how you can help them.My video explains in detail how to find all these info https://youtu.be/ZhUiMyyNvlw

After that, work hard to create an informative, exciting and positive video. This step may take a long time for preparation and processing, but it is well worth the effort. It’s better to do it one time, but properly. The longer time users watch your video, the higher the public retention is and the higher the video ranks are.

Find the exact keywords to the video. They should totally show the very core. Use keywords in the video script and also in the filename, while uploading your video. Select a proper title and detailed description. Don’t forget about YouTubeSEO. The more your description is assimilated with your video, the better the progress of optimization spreads. Every description should include minimum 200-400 words. Of course, the more words are the better, but information should be to the point. Do not forget to add key words and various key variations. They don’t need to be just listed, but flow. Include your tags, but be careful, don’t over carry, don’t make the information be overloaded with the tags.

The next step is uploading a transcript of the video. This step is very important, if you want to rank videos in Google, as the transcript is an enormous indicator for YouTube and Google; it shows what your video is about. Remember about building channel and using playlists. The more real subscribers and comments you have, the more sales you can make and the more affiliate commissionsyou can get. Use a social network, an integral part of our life. Work like an advertising expert or PR expert; get more and more social indicators. Share your videos from YouTube on Facebook, Google +1 or Twitter, use your social media. Furthermore, Google +1is the most significant from this list since it is a product of Google. Don’t forget to ask your friends or subscribers to push like and share buttons, to write comments and their points of view, if your video was really interesting and helpful. It assists to make a video promotion. By the way, it is not so easy to trick Google and YouTube’s algorithm. If you have thousands of views, but no likes, comments or subscribers, it will be easily understood that it is something unbelievable.

The last tip will be the following: get backlinks and embeds. Some people forget that they can get benefit from the embedding offers. When you embed your video, it means that it is interesting for sharing outside the borders of YouTube. It’s like a good sign for Google and YouTube. The best thing is that when you decide to embed your video, you provide a link back to it. Generally, ranking videos is the easiest way to make lots of money online comparing to the ranking websites. You have more freedom and space when it comes to SEO for such kind of videos.


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